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Woven Shirts


NEW District Made Mens Perfect Blend Crew Tee. DM108
NEW District Made Ladies Perfect Blend Crew Tee. DM108L
NEW District Made Mens Mini Rib Crew Tee. DM300
NEW District Made Mens Tri-Blend Pocket Tee. DM340
NEW District Made Ladies Mini Rib Crew Tee. DM400
NEW District Made Ladies Mini Rib V-Neck Tee. DM401
NEW District Made Ladies Mini Rib Racerback Tank. DM403
NEW District Made Ladies Solid Gathered Racerback Tank. DM420
NEW District Made Ladies Tri-Blend Scoop Tee. DM443
NEW District Made Ladies Modal Blend Gathered Shoulder Tee. DM483
NEW District® Young Mens Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie. DT1100
NEW District® Young Mens Tri-Blend Pieced Crewneck Tee. DT143
NEW District® Juniors Lightweight Jersey Full-Zip Hoodie. DT2100
NEW District® Juniors Tri-Blend Pieced Crewneck Tee. DT243
NEW District® Juniors Microburn Double V-Neck Tank. DT263
NEW District® Juniors Varsity V-Neck Tee. DT264
NEW District® Young Mens Vintage Wash Crew Tee. DT4000
NEW District® Juniors Vintage Wash V-Neck Tee. DT4501
NEW District® Juniors The Concert Tee Long Sleeve V-Neck. DT5201
NEW District® Young Mens Very Important Tee® with Pocket. DT6000P
NEW Port Authority® Ladies Concept Stretch V-Neck Tee. LM1005
NEW Port Authority® Ladies Concept Stretch Scoop Tee. LM1006
NEW Port Authority® Ladies Concept Stretch 3/4-Sleeve Scoop Henley. LM1007
District® - Juniors 2x1 Rib Tank. DT210
Port & Company® - Essential Tiger Stripe Tie-Dye Tee. PC148
Port & Company® - Youth Essential Tiger Stripe Tie-Dye Tee. PC148Y
Port & Company® -Essential Window Tie-Dye Tee. PC149
Port & Company® - Youth Essential Window Tie-Dye Tee. PC149Y
District Made - Mens Dip Dye Crew Tee. DM3310
District Made - Mens Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Henley Tee. DM342
District Made - Mens Microburn™ Crew Tee. DM362
District Made - Mens Textured Crew Tee. DM370
District Made - Ladies Mini Stripe Gathered Racerback Tank. DM421
District Made - Ladies Dip Dye Rounded Deep V-Neck Tee. DM4310
District Made - Ladies Tri-Blend Lace Tee. DM441
District Made - Ladies Textured Long Sleeve V-Neck with Button Detail. DM472
District Made - Ladies Modal Blend Relaxed V-Neck Tee. DM480
District Made - Ladies Modal Blend 3/4-Sleeve Raglan DM482
District® - Young Mens Extreme Heather Crew Tee DT1000
District® - Young Mens Long Sleeve Thermal. DT118
District® - Young Mens Faded Crew Tee. DT1200
District® - Young Mens 50/50 Raglan Hoodie. DT128
District® - Young Mens Slub Crew Neck Tee. DT140
District® - Young Mens Gravel 50/50 Notch Crew Tee. DT1400
District® - Young Mens Gravel 50/50 Long Sleeve Henley Tee. DT1401
District® - Young Mens Tri-Blend Crew Neck Tee. DT142
District® - Young Mens Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee DT142V
District® - Young Mens Cotton Ringer Tank DT1500
District® - Young Mens Microburn™ V-Neck Tee. DT161
District® - Young Mens Sublimate Tee®. DT1610
District® - Young Mens Textured Long Sleeve Tee. DT171
District® - Young Mens Textured Notch Crew Tee. DT172
District® - Juniors Extreme Heather Cap Sleeve V-Neck Tee DT2001
District® - Juniors Faded Rounded Deep V-Neck Tee. DT2202
District® - Juniors 50/50 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee. DT228
District® - Juniors Reverse Striped Scrunched Back Tank. DT229
District® - Juniors 1x1 Rib Spaghetti Strap Tank. DT232
District® - Juniors 1x1 Rib Crew Neck Tee. DT234C
District® - Juniors 1x1 Rib V-Neck Tee. DT234V
District® - Juniors 1x1 Rib Tank. DT235
District® - Juniors 60/40 Racerback Tank. DT237
District® Juniors Slub V-Neck Tee. DT240
District® - Juniors Gravel 50/50 Girly Crew Tee. DT2400
District® - Juniors Slub V-Neck Hoodie. DT241
District® Juniors Tri-Blend V-Neck Tee. DT242V
District® - Juniors 60/40 Scoop Tee. DT245
District® - Juniors Cotton/Spandex Banded V-Neck Tee. DT247
District® - Juniors Tri-Blend T-Back Tank DT250
District® - Juniors Cotton Swing Tank DT2500
District® - Juniors Microburn™ Wide Neck Hi/Lo Tee. DT260
District® - Juniors Microburn™ V-Neck Cap Sleeve Tee. DT261
District® - Juniors Sublimate Tee®. DT2610
District® - Juniors Microburn™ Long Sleeve Raglan Tee. DT262
District® - Juniors Textured Girly Crew Tee. DT270
District® - Juniors Textured Wide Neck Long Sleeve Raglan DT272
District® - Young Mens The Concert Tee DT5000
District® - Juniors The Concert Tee DT5001
District® - Young Mens The Concert Tee Long Sleeve. DT5200
District® - Young Mens The Concert Tee V-Neck DT5500
District® - Juniors The Concert Tee V-Neck. DT5501
District® - Juniors Very Important Tee®. DT6001
District® - Juniors Very Important Tee® V-Neck. DT6501