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Welcome to the 3 Tigers Martial Arts online apparel store. KC Enterprises offers your Martial Artists participants and Parents a variety of apparel options to purchase.

ALL orders will be processed as follows:

Order placed between 1st and 15th of month deliver will be 10-14 working days later.

Order placed between 16th and 31st of month deliver will be 10-14 working days later.

Below is the Ordering Procedure to make it easy for you to place an Online Order.

*Select "3 Tigers" Apparel.

*Select your Garment.

*Once Satisfied with your order, click "ADD TO SHOPPING CART".

*Enter quantity under the Color you want to purchase.


*Review your selection.

*If Satisfied, Click "SUBMIT SHOPPING CART".

*Enter your personal information to were you want your apparel shipped.

*Click "SEND".

*An email confirmation will follow in 24-48 hrs that your order is in Process and confirm a estimated ship date.


YOUTH TOP - YS 6-8 YM 10-12 YL 14-16 YXL 18-20 ADULT TOP- S 34-36 M 38-40 L 42-44 XL 46-48 XXL 50-52 YOUTH PANT - YXS 21-22 YS 22-23 YM 23-24 YL 25-26 YXL 26-28 ADULT PANT - S 29-31 M 32-34 L 35-36 XL 37-38 XXL 39-41

If you should have any questions please contact our local sales representative Kert Carlson at (509) 714-3777, or email him at kertcarlson@comcast.net. Enjoy shopping!