Welcome To the Black Spool Embroidery and Screen Printing! Please feel free to browse through our online catalog. There is a little bit of everything from Caps, jackets, work wear, casual wear and more! The Black Spool offer in house digitizing, this means your logo gets turned into stitches by someone here at the shop and you can be involved in making it look exactly how you want. If you have any questions you can call the office at 801-776-3433 or email us using the link on the left side of the page. When submitting an inquiry it is helpful to make sure we have your logo, if you are a new customer you can email it to us at info@blackspool.com, an .eps, .pdf, .cdr or other vectorized file would be preferred , however if you do not have this level of file we can work with a .jpeg or similar file, though it may take longer to complete the art. If you have general questions without a product inquiry you can email us using the tab to the left or call the shop during business hours. Thank you! The Black Spool