Welcome to Calvary Warriorwear, your new online source for spirit apparel. All item pricing includes embellishment of products with Calvary's logo. Be sure to carefully select your size, color, and specific items as all sales are final. Orders will be shipped within ten workdays from the time the order is received. Enjoy shopping and feel free to visit our store often. To place an order, go to the page for your item and select (click) "Add to Shopping Cart" in the upper right corner of the product page....Thank You for shopping at your Calvary Warriorwear store! Note: To see your item with a logo, "click" logo and choose either the light or dark logo version to be used for embellishment. The logo is a "concept" graphic and is not scaled for each item. Actual embroidery or screen printing will use a file that sizes the logo based on item and imprint area. It's time to prepare for Winter. Happy New Year!

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