Welcome to the Colbert Elementary School online apparel store. KC Enterprises offers your Students, Parents and Staff a variety of apparel options to purchase that supports your Colbert Elementary School.

All orders will be processed on the following Promo Dates listed below and delivered back to the school: (if you order outside of these dates your order will be processed in the next Promo Date)

Promo Date #1 ~ October 6th through October 20th with delivery the week of November 6th back to the school.

Promo Date #2 ~ November 10th through November 26th with delivery the week of December 11th back to the school ~ GUARANTEED BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Promo Date #3 ~ January 25th through February 20th with delivery the week of March 5th back to the school.

KC Enterprises offers a Hooded Sweatshirt to have the option for Personalization. This can be done by entering the name you would like to see on the back of the sweatshirt in the checkout cart under (Personalized Name).

Below is the Ordering Procedure to make it easy for you to place an Online Order.

*Select Colbert Elementary School Additional Apparel.

*Select your Garment.

*Once Satisfied with your order, click "ADD TO SHOPPING CART".

*Enter quantity under the Color you want to purchase.


*Review your selection.

*If Satisfied, Click "SUBMIT SHOPPING CART".

*Enter your personal information.

*Click "SEND".


YOUTH TOP YS 6-8, YM 10-12, YL 14-16, YXL 18-20 ADULT TOP S 34-36, M 38-40, L 42-44, XL 46-48, XXL 50-52 YOUTH PANT YS 22-23, YM 23-24, YL 25-26, YXL 26-28 ADULT PANT S 29-31, M 32-34, L 35-36, XL 37-38, XXL 39-41

*An email confirmation will follow in 24-48 hrs that your order is in Process and confirm a estimated ship date.

If you should have any questions please contact our local sales representative Kert Carlson at (509) 714-3777, or email him at kertcarlson@comcast.net. Enjoy shopping!