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Welcome to the Camp Rainbow 2020 store!

All items within this store are provided by Carousel of Stitches.  Every item ordered will be decorated with the Camp Rainbow logo (as shown on the home page) on the left chest.  For questions regarding apparel, ordering, payment, and shipping, please see Frequently Asked Questions within the Contact Us section.

Thank you for shopping the Camp Rainbow 2020 store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know which size to order?  To view the sizing chart, click the "view spec sheet" tab located on the top right of each item.  Additionally, the "view product measurements" tab to the bottom right will provide measurements for the finished product.

2. Can I create custom items?  No, custom items are not permitted on this account.  All items are approved by Camp Rainbow.  We think you will love the fun items created just for you.  To make recommendations for future product ideas, please contact the Camp Rainbow office at 314-469-8035 or heather@camprainbow.com  

3. How do I view pricing information?  Add an item to you "cart" to view the pricing grid.

4. How will I pay for my items?  Items can be paid for online using a credit cart.  Payments will be made directly to Carousel of Stitches through a secured PayPal network.

5. Will Camp Rainbow receive a portion of my payment?  Yes, certainly!  Camp Rainbow receives a portion of each sale.

6. Where and when should I expect my items to arrive?  Your order will be shipped directly to the address provided at checkout.  Orders are processed in early December by Carousel of Stitches and shipped to you on or about December 15. 

7.  Can I expedite my order?  No.  Camp Rainbow has partnered with Carousel of Stitches to receive the best rates on products, shipping, and delivery. 

8. Who do I contact with questions or concerns regarding my order?  For questions regarding your order, product information, etc., please contact Jerry Ewing with Carousel of Stitches.  Jerry can be reached at 314-629-4441 or by email at jerry@carouselofstitches.com