Welcome to KOI Embroidery. We offer quality embroidery services and garments for the corporate and active sportswear market.  

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  • 1011 Beryl St., San Diego, CA  92109
    Phone: (619) 377-0234 / 
    Toll Free: (888) 722-7656
  • Email: randy@koiembroidery.com
    Hours: Mon-Fri  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

To order our Pacific Beach inspired clothing and accessories, please call or email us.
View our collection below!
FlexFit Hats   $12.50   (including logo)
* Does not include digitizing of new logo.

Nike Stretch Visor   $13.00  (including logo)
* Does not included digitizing.

Ladies T-Shirt Sundress   $15.50

Ladies Tank

** Note:  Logo availability on the visor of a cap is evaluated on the basis of each individual logo.