Important Information

Minimum item quantity is 1 garment

Your Corporate Office has selected these garments and logos according to the stated policy on logo usage. Each garment comes with an embroidered logo on the left chest area. No other embroidery locations are available.
Note: ONLY WHITE, BLACK AND GREY garments can be sewn with a full color logo.
All other colors are sewn with your choice of an all-black logo, an all-white logo or a monochromatic (tonal) logo. You can select the logo from a drop-down menu located in the shopping cart. If no color is selected,
our expert embroiderers will choose a color for you.

Sizing specifications on all our garments can be seen by selecting your garment and clicking the VIEW SPEC SHEET option on the upper right of the photo.

*Note- Shipping will be added to your invoice.
*Note- Prices are as shown, and items ordered through this site do not qualify for the
Affiliated Group discount.

Advertising Premium Sales, Inc. is an authorized supplier of products for the Lutheran Hour Ministries Corporate Program. All logos and representations of the Lutheran Hour Ministries identity have been approved as required. For questions contact Advertising Premium Sales (APS) by phone at 314-872-7000 or by email at