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Enjoy the MG logo on our comfortable, high quality and brand name clothing!

Call with ANY questions! We are happy to hear from anyone in the MG community!

New for 2023, the logo redigitized from the late 1960's logo.  

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This new 2023 embroidery file sews out at a bold 60mm wide by 60mm tall.

Also, a 3-D version has been made specifically for use on our caps.

Due to recent postage rate changes International (and Overseas) shipping cost is 
a constantly moving target. International orders are priced quite differently.
All countries other than the USA are included in this policy.
We have a unique solution. Our new "Overseas Packages."
These packages are based on a freight first pricing solution to include delivery.
Be aware that freight prices can change on short notice.
VAT or other duty are your responsibility.
Products are shipped as "Clothing with no appreciable value"
unless arranged otherwise prior to shipping.



The older version, shown below, is still around but we are not currently sewing this design; I just like to see photos of my wife from 20 years ago.