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Welcome to Nite Owl Promotions your official supplier for Upper Room Ministries logo apparel. If you are shopping for a garment with just a simple UR logo (Emmaus, Chrysalis, etc....) you can pick your garment, add the logo you want from the choices under Embroidered Upper Room Logos, and pay with paypal and we'll send you the goods. If you'd like something a little more personal, like a polo with the Emmaus logo on the front and your community name on the sleeve, simply submit it to us as an inquiry and we'll get back with you a custom price. Same routine for printed T-shirts. Maybe your community would like the Emmaus logo screen printed on the front of several T-shirts and you community name printed on the back or sleeve, simply submit an inquiry and let us know what you'd like along with the quantity of shirts, and we'll work up a custom quote for you. You can also reach us by phone at 812-876-3888 or by email at for questions or custom quotes. We normal can respond in one business day.