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Safety Bucks will be distributed to you based on the following criteria:


·       You must be employed a minimum of 60 days to receive benefit.

·       Each office employee will receive a $10.00 safety buck if office staff is injury free for 30 calendar days.

·       Each field employee will receive a $10.00 safety buck if project field staff is injury free for 30 calendar days.

·       Safety bucks can only be used for selected products found on AMI website.

·       The safety buck is non-negotiable, non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash and is void upon your termination.




·       You are currently on the AMI Mechanical Website/AMI Store and selected product(s) are shown and available for purchase using your safety bucks.

·       After your selection, you will add merchandise to your cart so the cart can display the total price including shipping charges.

·       After the required fields on order form have been filled out, a confirmation email will be sent to AMI Mechanical (Designated Party) and Distinctive Threads (Supplier).

·       Within 3 days after ordering from AMI Store, employee needs to present the required safety bucks to AMI’s designated party, ensuring the amount will cover the cart total.

·       To determine the quantity of safety bucks needed to guarantee and release order to Distinctive Threads, you must round the total product cost up in $10.00 increments and provide accordingly.

·       After you provide the applicable safety bucks to AMI representative, the company will send an authorization to Distinctive Threads and copy you on the release.

·       Distinctive Threads will ship your order within 30 days, to the address provided on the order form. If questions persist on your order the Distinctive Thread representative will contact you directly to resolve.  You are strongly encouraged to have order delivered to your residence.

·       Returns are not allowed and orders are final unless:

·       There is a quality Issue with your order or;

·       Wrong item is received