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How to Order

The Borton Fruit Apparel vendor, GO USA, will process two (2) shipments of orders submitted each month. Orders submitted with GO USA by the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month will be processed on the next business day.

To submit an order with GO USA, please visit: www.companycasuals.com/borton

At this site, you will indicate item, color, size and quantity. Sales Tax and Freight will be added at checkout. Sales tax is included in the catalog price. Payment types accepted are debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

If an employee does NOT have a form of payment accepted by the website, an alternate order process is available through payroll deduction. Please note that this alternate order process is significantly longer and may double or triple the time for you to receive your items. Complete a paper order form for the item, color, size and quantity desired. Paper order forms can be obtained from Supervisors, HR Assistants and the Admin Office Front Desk Receptionist. Completed order forms are turned into Supervisors, which are then routed to the Payroll Department for the payroll deduction authorized by employee on the order form. Once the payroll deduction occurs, the order form is routed to the Accounting Department where the order is submitted on the GO USA website on behalf of the employee. Orders submitted with GO USA via this alternative process will be delivered to the personal address provided on the order form.

The Branded Apparel catalog will be updated twice per year.

Return Policy
All items ordered are considered custom and may only be returned due to flaws in products. Items may not returned for reasons other than craftsmanship or incorrect size or color being sent. Items being returned due to flaws will be replaced with identical product, color & size.