Welcome to the COMANCO Environmental Company Store.  The items and prices listed on this website do not include the cost of the COMANCO logo.  EMBROIDERY of the COMANCO logo can be added for an additional charge.

PLACING AN ORDER:  Please select and add the items you would like to purchase to the Shopping Cart.  Once you have selected all of the items you would like to order, click “Submit Shopping Cart”.  This will display the final screen to enter your personal information.  If you are adding the embroidered logo on your selected items, be sure to enter "YES" when prompted, before submitting the Shopping Cart.  Once your order is received, we will send you an order confirmation via e-mail.  If you do not receive an e-mail from us within 5 days, please contact COMANCO to check on your order.

MINIMUM ORDER:  You must have a minimum order of six (6) items to add the COMANCO logo.  Minimum order without COMANCO logo is one (1) item.

ORDER FULFILLMENT:  You may place an order at any time.  However, the Storekeeper will only place orders to the producing vendor on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.  The Storekeeper will send you an e-mail BEFORE the final order is placed.  Your e-mail will confirm the true cost of each item (including embroidery and shipping cost) with the total amount due.

PRICING:  Depending on volume, it is possible that the item you purchase may be less than the price listed on the website (please remember that price is before embroidering).  The price you pay for the item will never be more than the price listed.  If an item does not list the price then the cost of the item is less than $10.00.  E-mail cthomas@comanco.com for the actual price on items under $10.00.

ORDER DELIVERY:  Shipping fees will apply.  All orders will be shipped to the COMANCO corporate office unless otherwise stated.

PAYMENT:  If you choose to pay for your items via a payroll deduction, the payment will be taken from the first check following the 2nd or 4th Friday the order is placed to the vendor. Cash or check payments are accepted at the corporate office.