Welcome to our offering of garments for Colorado State Patrol employees.  
These Products include embroidery of our Medium Flying Wheel on the left chest.  Freight to your Office location and Sales Tax have already been added into the Pricing of the garments.  To see a description of the garment and the colors available simply click the Style.  You can see specific colors on the model by clicking the color swatch.  If you have any questions or problems navigating the Online Catalog please call 
Dave @: 303-650-9591 or Outside Denver @: 800-763-5501.
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Ladies L500LS

Ladies LST650

Ladies LST655 


 Ladies Nike 354064


Ladies Nike 364067


Ladies L482

Ladies L523 


Ladies L528


Ladies L6290


Ladies L222


Ladies L709


Ladies L219


Ladies L500 


Ladies L459

Ladies L512 


Ladies L515


Ladies L520


Ladies L527


Ladies L508


Ladies L525

Ladies L523 


Ladies L800


Ladies LOG101

Ladies RH50 


Ladies RH52

Ladies L455


Ladies L640


Ladies L613


Ladies L606

Ladies L608 


Ladies L638



Mens K500LS 

Mens ST650

Mens ST655


Mens Nike 373749


Mens Nike 363807


Mens K482


Mens S640

Mens S613 


Mens S606


Mens S608


Mens S508

Mens s638 


Mens K528


Mens F219


Mens J709

Mens K321


Mens K500


Mens K320


Mens K448

Mens K455LS 

Mens K459 


Mens K524


Mens K527


Mens K800LS


Mens K520

Mens OG101 

Mens RH49 


Mens RH51


Mens ST657


Mens F266






Ogio Duffle 711007


Briefcase BG96


Color Block Duffle Bag BG99


Solid Duffle Bag BG114 

RapidPass Briefcase BG108