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Welcome Interstate Highway Construction Employees to the IHC Company Store! This catalog is your source for Corporate approved work and casual wear. Selected items are available with the corporate logo in complimentary colors embroidered onto the left chest (or center for hats and bags) area. If you have any questions about a specific item, please contact Jay Hodge or Janet Vocate at Dalandz of Colorado (970-468-4705). PLEASE NOTE: THE COST FOR IHC LOGO IS INCLUDED WHEN YOU SELECT YOUR ITEM(S). THE DEFAULT DESIGN IS THE IHC LOGO WITH NO LETTERING SPELLING OUT THE NAME. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELECT ONE OF THE FOUR OTHER AVAILABLE IHC DESIGNS OR ADD A PROJECT NUMBER, PLEASE CLICK THE "CARHARTT OUTERWEAR & IHC LOGOS" TAB ON THE SIDE OF YOUR SCREEN, CHOOSE THE LOGO STYLE YOU DESIRE, AND QUANTITY (QUANTITY SHOULD MATCH THE NUMBER OF ITEMS YOU HAVE SELECTED). IF YOU HAVE A PROJECT ID/NUMBER, YOU CAN INDICATE THAT UNDER THIS TAB AS WELL.