How to Add a Logo:

1. Select the item by clicking on it from the list of displayed products.

2. Click on the Logo tab at the bottom of the image and click the Upload Logo button.

3. You may browse and select any of the stock clip art images provided.


Upload your own logo:

Click the Choose File button and search for the logo you would like to use. Logos will be converted to .PNG format, if our site cannot convert the logo for you, try opening the image in Microsoft Paint(or other image editing software) and saving it as a .PNG.

*Select transparency threshold:
This setting changes whether the white and near-white colors in your logo should be displayed or removed (true blank space). Set this to "Do not remove any pixels - leave my logo as is" if you wish to include white as a color or the appropriate option to remove the color(s) which are not a part of your logo.

Once your logo is uploaded you should be able to click and drag the logo around to the position you'd like, you can resize or spin your logo by moving the appropriate slider bars by clicking on your logo.

*NOTE: This option is for layout and is an approximation only. You must add the Decorated item to Inquiries for a proper quote or to e-mail an item with your logo/text layout to a friend or co-worker.

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