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The East Texas T-Shirts & More Team


The variety of customization options are listed below. 
You will see sample logos on items in this store. 

ou will select the logo you want on each item
after you place items in the cart.

For complex or team/bulk orders, 
don't hesitate to call or email the shop directly
with questions or bulk pricing!!

To add names and/or numbers, add Customization

Items to your cart (from Other Items section)

and increase quantity for quantity of items being customized.

Screen Print Customization Options

  • Illusions Logo              10.25" wide / 4.25" tall   Front of T-Shirts
  • Illusions Logo              4" wide / 1.7" tall           Left Chest
  • Illusions Logo/Texas    3.7" wide / 3.25" tall       Left Chest
  • Compass                    3.5" wide / 3" tall            Left Chest
  • Compass                    3" wide / 2.5" tall            Back high near Neck Seam
  • Block I                       1.4" wide / 2.5" tall         Left Chest

Embroidery Customization Options:

  • Illusions Logo              4" wide / 1.7" tall           Left Chest, Caps
  • Illusions Logo              3" wide / 1.25" tall         Visors
  • Illusions Block I           1.2" wide / 2.1" tall        Left Chest, Caps