Welcome to the KVH On-line Employee Store. We are thrilled to offer you some unique items exclusively for KVH Staff. Items are updated semi-annually, so if you do not see something here that you like please check back later or contact KVH Human Resources and we will work on adding your request to our catalog.


Find something you like? Ordering is easy; just select the item you wish to purchase, then review the item description and details. Once you find the item you wish to purchase click ADD TO SHOPPING CART. This will direct you to a page where you will choose size, quantity and color. All store items come with an approved KVH embroidered logo.  Shown below are the standard logos that will appear on the various products. The Standard Rectangular logo is available for all products. An additional square logo is available ONLY for hats and bags. When you place your order, please indicate your logo color preference.


When all selections have been made please select SUBMIT SHOPPING CART and fill out the required information. Please be sure to indicate what color you would like for the embroidered logo. If you are uncertain about a size, some items are available at KVH Human Resources for your consideration.


* Please pay close attention to the spec sheet in regard to size and fit.

Items that do not fit cannot be returned to the vendor.


* Remember items worn during work must adhere to the KVH dress code.


Looking for a fit or recognition options, but are unsure of what your colleague would enjoy? Use the KVH Ka$h so staff can pick out items of their choice. Payment will be taken care of once items arrive, including the use of any gift certificates. Payroll deduct is available for all items!


Individual orders should be submitted before the 15th of each month to meet ordering deadlines.

Orders may take 4-5 weeks for delivery.


If you need assistance with the KVH Store please contact Human Resources at 509-773-1006 (Internal – ext. 2115) and we would be happy to walk you through the process.