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Welcome Brothers to the Marked Men For Christ

Witness Protection Gear Store

Witness protection gear helps remind YOU, (me) that we are in Christ and called to witness Jesus' love to the WORLD. When I wear Jesus' name on my gear it helps to protect me from my own trap of brokenness. Our intention is to only sell gear to those men who have attended a Marked Men for Christ PHASE 1 weekend! We want you to have an opportunity to purchase gear that is not readily available at our weekend conferences. Our prayer is that God will bless and protect you as you go out into the world in HIS name!
Miscellaneous Instructions:
Please be very specific on the order page in the following areas:
1) Delivery time: If you need an item expedited, air charges may be necessary and you will be emailed the amount to pay via PAYPAL.
2) If you have any questions concerning this site please contact Dan McCutchen, Logos Your Way via email:


3) Please take note: We do not accept returns of any kind.

4) Additional Embroidery Locations: Please note that the additional embroidery locations is located in the Hard Goods/Misc. Tab.

5) This site does not contain any of the items you see at the events. The apparel on this site is offered with the MMFC embroidered logo only.

Order from our European Store

Please note: If you are ordering from outside of the USA; please know that the shipping costs can exceed $100.00 per order. So, you might want to ask an American friend to bring you some gear on their next trip from the USA if you do not want to pay the shipping costs.