We have partnered with Jeans Direct & Embroidery in Bellevue to provide PNWR logo merchandise. When you select the item and logo you'd like to purchase, you will next get a page where you can choose the color, size and quantity you'd like.

Although this system is usually used to place large group orders, we can use it to order small orders as well. Shipping is charged at a flat rate per order of $13.00, so you may want to order a couple of items.

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Gronley at Jeans Direct and Embroidery at 425.453.9517 or by email at shannonjeanstogo@yahoo.com. Additional inquiries about the PNWR Goodie Store can be made to goodiestore@pnwr.org.

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 Below are the logo's you have to choose from to have embroidered on the items you choose. You will be able to choose one of these once you reach the checkout page.

Logo #1: PNWR Straight Logo

Logo #2: PNWR Porsche Logo


 Logo #3: PNWR Round Logo

Logo #4: PNWR 60th Anniversary Logo