Welcome! Want people to see your logo? Want them to know who you are? żżżWe can put your information on your car, a banner, signs, shirts, hats, business cards, jackets, etc. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Embroidery is "it" for a professional sales look. Personalizing gifts is another fine use of embroidery. From aprons to towels and everything in between, we can make it personal for that special someone on your list. Other options include "Heat Press" applied graphics in single or multiple colors. Your artwork can be reproduced almost anyway you like. Banners are great for getting a temporary big "look" from customers or other teams. Full color die cut stickers can be sold to raise money or given away to advertise your location and identify your business. The same artwork can be placed on business cards, envelopes, letterhead, invoices, posters, banners, shirts, caps, jackets, your vehicle, etc. Call us to make a difference for you today!żżż Sew Fun is a family owned and operated embroidery and graphics business

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