Come and get your Sasquatch on.

   Our 27 year old custom screen printing and embroidery business was hit hard when restaurants and fitness clubs shuttered.  So we came up with a plan to remind folks to stay home and not spread Covid-19 around.  This is us trying to stay in business and remain relevant.

   Buy a funny tee shirt and support your local business. We are all in this together.  #washyourhands #weareallinthistogether #stayhome

Employees at Harbor Graphics work in safe environment at least 10 feet from each other. Fever? Cough? Stay home and binge watch Netflix! Work on your elaborate Halloween costume.  Read Moby Dick! Paint your bathroom.  Learn Farsi.  Whatever it is, try to lay low until this thing passes. Be Bigfoot! #stayathome

   If you have any questions contact Harbor Graphics: 253-858-7909