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Welcome! You are now on the Company Casual Apparel Store website. We will provide Sponsorship Dollars to you on our products through Gospelbiz. You will not need your credit card to use this site. NOTE: Use this site to get the Quote that is required by Gospelbiz for Sponsorship Dollar consideration. The price listed does not include tax until you "ADD TO SHOPPING CART". We do provide imprints on all of our items however Gospelbiz does not provide sponsorship for Silk Screen Imprinting, Embroidery or Shipping so those pricings are not included in your Quote total. Price for shipping will vary based on weight and destination. If you are tax exempt the tax line will be waived. You can provide tax information; desired imprint and shipping location to Gospelbiz. Simply find items you want and Add to Inquiry, complete form and submit it by requesting a quote. You will be contacted by your Gospelbiz Coordinator to complete your sponsorship request.