Dear Customers and Friends, After 18 years doing what he loves, being of service to so many in the Central Texas community and meeting some of the very best people in the world: Austin small business owners, Jim Sass is retiring! Long time Production Manager, Gwendal Besnard, has already moved on to another opportunity and our ever-cheerful Office Manager, Zalli Caballero, is starting a family of her own with the birth of her son this December. We will stop taking new orders effective November 15th and with the help of the handy hands of Gus Henslee, we will get those orders turned around before Christmas (if we are lucky - LOL). We hope you will pop in for pick up and enjoy some Martinelli's and treats to commemorate the occasion! At this time, we are uncertain if Threads Embroidery will re-emerge under new management in the New Year but we will let you know. And for sure, we hope to continue to see you all around town! Love, Jim and Stacy