Welcome to the 2022 THHS Football Spirit Wear Website. You are able to chose which logo, on which products you like within the following GUIDELINES. All jackets, 1/4 zip pullovers, V Neck, Polo shirts, hats and visors are limited to the horses head logo (Logo 1). These will be put on the left chest or in the middle front of the hat or visor. On dark color garments the logo will be in white, on light colored garments the logo will be navy. All bags will only receive horses head logo (Logo 1). Pants will NOT be decorated. All other products you can chose the the horses head logo (Logo 1) or the football laces logo(Logo 2) or Horses Head in Glitter (logo 3) on center chest. The color of the logo is determined by the color of the product. Reference the logo color guidelines above. If you would like to see the BACKSIDE images of any of these styles (especially ladies tank tops) please go to www.sanmar.com and type the style number in the upper right hand corner under Product Search.