Welcome to the Uintah Basin Healthcare employee clothing website! Beginning in January 2024, we will implement an employee clothing reimbursement plan to replace payroll deductions. Employee clothing allotments will remain the same as in previous years: $100 per full-time employee, $75 per part-time employee, and $50 per PRN employee per fiscal year (July 1st ¿ Jun 30th). Moving forward into the new year, employees will place their clothing orders and checkout using a personal credit card. You will then submit a check request with a paper copy of your receipt to Human Resources or send an electronic copy to candice_busdicker@ubh.org for your allotment reimbursement. Please note that reimbursements will only be issued once per fiscal year, so please use your entire allotment for one order. We have also updated our selection and included some modern new items. Orders will continue to be bagged individually and delivered to the Human Resources department, organized by department, and the managers are notified regarding distribution.

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