Welcome! Please read through your logo options below. You will have an option to choose your logo at time of checkout. 


Certified Logo (For Certified Farm Members Only):

  • The Certified logo is exclusively available to farm members who have attained Certified status within our organization.
  • To imprint the Certified logo on your apparel, please indicate "Certified Logo" in the customization or order notes when making your selection.

Member Logo (For Members of Certified American Grown):

  • The Member logo is designed for members of Certified American Grown, whether you are a farm member, vendor or an associate supporter.
  • If you are a member of Certified American Grown, please specify "Member Logo" when selecting the logo for your apparel.


Standard American Grown Logo (For General Public and Supporters):

  • The Standard American Grown logo is open for use by the general public and supporters of the American Grown movement.
  • If you are not a Certified American Grown member but still want to support our cause, please choose the "Standard American Grown Logo" when personalizing your apparel.