Welcome to Convo's Apparel's website 

provided by JAAZ Designs. 

We offer various products for your perusal and hope you would enjoy our selections of variety apparel for you to wear.

We have three different Convo logos for you to choose from, please indicate which logo you would like for each item.

All orders must be placed & no later than 4 pm EST, on or before 12th of the current month and they will be shipped by first Thursday of the following month.

Once you submit the shopping cart,  JAAZ Designs will invoice you directly, email is coming from our accounting program, (mailer@waveapps.com), with a credit card/ACH link for you to make payments with. 

Only Convo employees with valid Convo email address is permitted to order from this website. 

If you are a non-Convo employee looking to wear awesome Convo Apparel, please contact your Convo Account Representative to place the order for you. 

Thank you