Welcome to the Cincy Print Haus blank apparel catalog!

This catalog shows a wide range of products that we offer that we recommend for most schools, industrial trades, uniforms & company wear, hi-visibility products, and some retail-quality merchandising.

Interested in Streetwear or retail ready merchandising? Visit our site at www.cincyprinthaus.com and check out the link to our favorite retail / merchandising blank supplier!

Please feel free to look around for ideas on products that might work for you. Please note, prices shown are not always accurate and this page should just be used as a catalog for brainstorming. Decoration costs may be above or below the advertised MSRP on this site.

Contact your account manager for real-time pricing on blanks and decorated garments or shoot us an email at info@can-print.com for more details!

Please note : If you are looking for a specific product that you cannot find here, email us info@can-print.com.com or visit our full site at www.CincyPrintHaus.com for more details and links to industry specific catalogs.