Crum Trucking Online Catalog

Welcome to the online catalog for Crum Trucking logo apparel and products!

All products are now produced locally by The Stitch In Time, located in downtown Batesville.

This catalog will allow you to review available items that can be embroidered with the Crum logo.

Prices listed are for the completed products, which includes the logo embroidery and delivery to you at Crum Trucking. You pay NO additional charges for shipping or handling!

Using the electronic cart in this catalog, your order can be compiled with a running total. You can then submit the order for production as soon as you have finished your shopping. You will be contacted when your items are completed and available for pick-up at the Crum Trucking headquarters.

*** Prices may be subject to change, based on fluctuations in our vendor pricing. If an item you order is affected by this, we will contact you to confirm.

You are also welcome to place your order in person at The Stitch In Time, located at 19 E. George Street in downtown Batesville, or by telephone at (812) 932-0174.

If you would like to see samples of various items in person, we do carry a variety of styles in the store, so please feel free to stop in! We can also assist with sizing and other decisions.

Order payment is handled directly by Crum Trucking, and all order totals that exceed your apparel allowance will be deducted via payroll.

For questions specifically relating to Crum Trucking or approved apparel items, please contact Becky Reatherford in HR.

For product-specific questions, contact our shop at (812) 932-0174, or email to

Remember, you can stop by The Stitch In Time at 19 E. George Street in downtown Batesville to ask any questions or place your order in person during our regular business hours. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can!

Thank you!!!