Managing a company apparel store for employees is hard work!

Management activities usually involve multiple hassles including order placement and payment collection. Sorting and distributing orders can also be time-consuming with the potential for errors and the extra work trying to get paid.

Learn more about how Tailored Company Stores can help you with a custom Company Apparel Store for Employees and let us setup, manage, and fulfill your custom employee apparel store management needs.

Brands matter to customers, whether they are meant for employees or others. Our wide selection of retail brands gives your consumers more options to personalize their apparel carrying your company name. Give your employees the chance to select company store uniforms that fit their brand loyalties.

With our technology and superior processes, we can help eliminate the heavy lifting from your end. Simply choose your corporate styles and colors, and we cover the rest. We can also suggest updates to your company apparel store for employees to keep your people updated on the latest styles as they become available.

Leave the inventory work to us and focus on your company┐s core competencies. We can handle all customer services, including orders and payments. Rest assured that all apparel orders, from employee shirts to uniforms, ship to their locations directly and safely.

Embroidered Min. 48 | Screen Print Min. 144
Screen printing additional and a quote will be provided.

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