Threads Embroidery has been serving Austin and Central Texas from our home-based shop near Parmer and I-35 since 2003. Contact us to set an appointment if you want to come by.

Get fast response to most questions by e-mail at Include your logo or design for us to take a look!

Or give us a call at 512/491-0344.

If you've got questions, we've got answers! Just e-mail or call us.

Some of the most common questions we receive:

Do the prices really include embroidery?

Yep! For one embroidery location of left chest sized designs, cap fronts and the like.

But what about stitch count?

It will cost more for larger embroidery areas like jacket backs but there is no extra charge for the most common embroidery areas.

What is the minimum order? Can I order less than that?

There is really no minimum order. There is a $15 charge for set up and shipping that is waived on orders of 10 items or more. Those 10 items can by a mixture of items, sizes, colors, etc. Such as 5 caps and 5 polos. Or 10 polos, 4 ladies, and 6 men's.
Do I save more, the more I order?
We offer discounts off the published price depending on how many you order.
25-49 items = 5% discount. 50-74 items = 10% discount. 75-99 items = 20% discount. Orders of 100+ items, please contact us for a custom quote.
Can I add some text on the back of the cap? Or also have a logo on the sleeve?

Sure! Those second embroidery locations, where you are putting the same second design on all items in the order, start at $7.50 per item and go down from there based on order volume. For 10-24 items, the second location is $6.00. 25-49, $4.80. 50-74, $4.20. 75-99, $3.60.

Larger embroidery areas, such as jacket backs, or more intricate designs such as crest or badges, would need to be evaluated and custom quoted.

How long will it take?

Turnaround time is 7-10 business days, plus shipping time to you, on orders up to 100 pieces. We can generally beat that so let us know if you have a preferred delivery date and we will verify stocks and production time.

Do you have to order all the same sizes and colors in a particular item?

Nope. You are totally free to mix and match within your order. Different sizes, colors and even styles such as some caps, some tees, some polos. Quantity discounts apply to all catalog items in your order.

What file format do you need for my logo?

We can read almost all PC file formats. Our preference is a clean digital image but you can send us what you've got and we'll let you know if we can use it. Try to include the font files for logos with text or let us know what font you are using as font information can be lost in transmission of a file.

I don't have a logo. Can you help me with that?

We have a lot of stock art and can help you put together a design for your business, event or team.

Do you guys do any type of embroidery or printing with college team logos? 

We are in Austin and so we hear it all the time but, no, we can't embroidery any design or image that is copyrighted or is a trademark without the express permission of the copyright owner. We can do generic images and we have several mascots in our stock design catalog.

Can you add a name on the right chest? 

Yes, personalization adds $7.50 per item.

Do you do screen printing? Have pens and mugs? Print banners?

We do! That's where the "& More" comes from. Visit our Promo Headquarters catalog to see our full product line or just drop us a line and tell us what you need.