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San Diego, CA 92129




Ø Where will my orders be shipped to?

·     The following items will be shipped to the school and leadership will notify you via email for pickup when received. 

  (Polos, Shorts, Jackets, Pants, Flannel PJs, and Gym Bags)

   These additional items can be picked up at the school.   

  (Folders, Locks, Banded T Shirts, Cinch Bags, Megaphones, Tote Bags) 

Ø How do shipping charges work?

·      Currently shipping is included in the sales price and will be shipped to the school. 


Ø How long will it take to receive my item(s)?

·      Some items will be available immediately at the school (Folders, Locks, Banded Shirts, Cinch Bags, Megaphones). Custom logo orders typically can be fulfilled in 10-15 business days. Due to the "made to order" nature of the products, expedited delivery schedules cannot be guaranteed. You will be contacted by school leadership when available for pickup. 


Ø What does "made to order" mean?

·      Some of the items you order are created specifically for you and are not already in stock. After you complete an order on the site, the request is ordered on your behalf and then embroidered or silk screened with the Westview Gold logo and or your student's name for decoration. After completion, the order is packaged and shipped to the school. 


Ø What is the return policy?

·     Due to the "made to order" nature of the products offered, returns are only accepted if an incorrect or damaged product was produced for you. Returns requested for any other reason are not honored.